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Get To It Sophomore

Get Smart

  • Get to each and every class.
  • Get your own deadlines and due dates established that are at least 24 hours in advance of the professors? deadlines and due dates.
  • Get goals established for each course based on your experience and expertise with the material.
  • Get on BearDen or BearPaws Course Summary to run a degree audit.
  • Get a good study group running by asking the professor to recommend students for it.
  • Get an appointment with your adviser before it is time to register for the following semester.

For a list of resources and connections for academic skill development, advising, and tutoring, view Get Smart (PDF)!

Get Involved

  • Get out and enjoy campus events! Check out SUNY Potsdam Weekly (SPW) on the campus web page for a glimpse of the wide variety of events offered. There is something for everyone including social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities.
  • Get out and explore student clubs and organizations! Be sure to attend the annual Welcome Weekend Carnival and Student Organization Fair held each Fall to learn more about all of SUNY Potsdam?s student clubs and organizations. You can also check them out on the college?s web page.
  • Get involved in leadership activities! Once you explore student clubs and organizations, strongly consider joining at least one club that you feel is right for you. As a member, not only will you have the chance to meet new people and enhance your own leadership skills, you will also be a part of enhancing the SUNY Potsdam experience for all students.
  • Get more involved! If you?re already a member of a student club/organization, take your experience to the next level and explore the possibility of serving in an Executive Board position or other leadership role. The skills you develop will help you in your own personal development as well as enhance your resume.
  • Get to a Student Leader Conference! Two conferences for student leaders are held each semester prior to the start of classes. Space is limited, be on the look-out for posters across campus and/or contact Campus Life for more information at x2013.
  • Get registered to vote! Stop by the Campus Life Office, Student Union 208, if you have questions or need assistance.

For a list of resources and connections for participating in Greek Life, leadership opportunities, SGA, clubs and other organizations, view Get Involved (PDF)!

Get Going

  • Get an appointment with your adviser to discuss ways to build academic enrichment opportunities into your SUNY Potsdam experience.
  • Get planning how you will incorporate a high impact experience into your academic plan (e.g. academic research projects, honors classes, study abroad, internships, etc.).
  • Get thinking about your study abroad and/or internship plans ? the earlier you plan, the better.
  • Get going to program information sessions to learn about all of the opportunities to take your SUNY Potsdam experience outside the "walls of the classroom".

For a list of resources and connections for opportunities in student exchange, honor and/or research programs, view Get Going (PDF)!

Get Well

  • Get over and visit the fitness centers in Maxcy and Lehman Halls.
  • Get an appointment with a personal trainer for a facility orientation or personalized workout plan.
  • Get moving. Take a group fitness class in Maxcy Hall.
  • Get a strategy to eat healthy on campus. Visit campus eateries and locate healthy food options.
  • Get up and eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast have more energy throughout the day, improved concentration and memory and greater success with weight management.
  • Get enough sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep can have a negative effect on thought processes, memory and the ability to learn.

For a list of resources and connections for improving/ maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual health, view Get Well (PDF)!

Get Rich

  • Get familiar with your financial aid situation. Visit the Financial Aid link in BearPaws to check the status of your financial aid; check to see if all requirements are met, to see if you owe money or if you have a refund coming.
  • Get to the Financial Aid Office, 319 Raymond, with any questions you have regarding your FASFA and/or your SAR (Student Aid Report)
  • Get to the Student Accounts Office, 412 Raymond, with any questions you have regarding your bill.
  • Get a part-time job on campus by checking out

    It gives directions for searching for both FWS (federal work study) and non-FWS positions.

For a list of resources and connections for financial aid, information on billing and employment on campus, view Get Rich (PDF)!

Get A Job

  • Get clear about your future by using FOCUS (a career selection software package), career planning resources and visiting the Experiential Education and Career Planning Offices.
  • Get your resume reviewed by a career planning professional.
  • Get interview skills by scheduling a mock interview.
  • Get career related experience through internships, summer or part-time employment, volunteer experience or student organization involvement.
  • Get logged into BearTracker to search for internships, jobs and career mentors.
  • Get reference letters from faculty and previous employers.

For a list of resources and connections for exploring interests, aptitudes, potential careers and internships, view: