What is PAiRS and how can it help?

  • The SUNY Potsdam PAiRS (Peers Assisting in Retaining Students) program is designed to assist undeclared students at any stage in the process of declaring a major.
  • SUNY Potsdam students are the Mentors.
  • WHY do YOU WANT TO DECLARE A MAJOR this semester?


    • You can choose the adviser you want.
    • You can get into classes you enjoy.
    • You can keep receiving financial aid.

How do you begin the process of exploring possible majors, making connections with the appropriate faculty and staff, and still get the perspective of other SUNY Potsdam students?

  • Easy: Contact one of our SUNY Potsdam PAiRS Mentors.


    These 2 students represent several disciplines, majors and minors, as well as future career fields.

    • They can invite you to classes within their majors/minors so you can “try out” some classes as part of your decision making process.
    • They can help you set up meetings with faculty within your areas of interest, as well as with other resource people on campus.
    • They have been where you are…and know what you are experiencing as an undeclared student.