Sophomore Slump

Are you experiencing Sophomore Slump?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact a PAiRS mentor!

  • Burnout
  • Real life is sneaking up
  • Caught between directions
  • Don’t know which path to choose
  • Kind of invisible
  • Sick of the same thing
  • Too used to the routine
  • Began to slack off
  • Not getting anywhere with your goals
  • Not the youngest so not getting the attention but also not the oldest so not given the opportunities
  • Difficult to keep motivated
  • Tired of working so hard
  • Excitement over
  • Nothing’s new
  • Want to hurry up/graduate
  • Thinking you know It all
  • High expectations falling now
  • A lot tougher
  • Not in academic groove
  • A dead zone
  • Cumulative GPA drops

Adapted from Dr. Betty Grove/PSU
Schreiner & Pattengale Students in Transition Conference 2005