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SGA Forms

For your convenience, commonly requested SGA forms have been provided and are available to download.

Does your group want to be recognized by the SGA?

You'll need to fill out and submit a Student Organization Form (PDF). The organization's officer should fill out this form, which declares a group's specific information such as club name, officers and contact info.

Already an established SGA recognized club & Need Funds?

To request funds for supplies and/or events see forms below:

Funding Request Form - The Student Government Association accepts special Funding Requests to support club endeavors that facilitate academic, cultural, recreational, social and athletic programs for the student body.

Purchase Requisition Form-This form should be submitted when a minimal amount is needed to purchase goods or supplies, such as soda and popcorn for a movie night or mixer.

Vehicle Request & Authorization Form

Running for an SGA Executive Member position?

You'll need the appropriate petitions to run:
SGA President Petition
SGA Vice President Petition
SGA Secretary Petition
SGA Treasurer Petition
SGA Assembly Petition

Have to miss an SGA board meeting?

You'll need to fill out and submit: Absence Excusal