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Executive Board

The SGA is made up of dedicated students who work with the institution and with you to ensure that your college experience is filled with worthwhile opportunities. If you have a concern or question, the SGA is here to help!

2016-2017 SGA Executive Officers


Hi everyone! My name is Sean, and I am the new SGA President. I am in my senior year here at Potsdam and I am double majoring in Politics and International Studies with a minor in Psychology. I really enjoy learning about politics both here and all around the world. I also love hanging out with my friends and making people laugh. In my spare time I like to read, binge watch T.V. shows, play video games, go hiking, and just hangout and talk with my friends. I am really looking forward to representing the student body this year, I will do my best for this college and its students. If you ever need anything just send me an email at or pick up one of my business cards from the SGA office. Have a great year everyone!

Hello, my full name is Chukwuzitere Uchechukwu Okwaraji. My friends call me Chuzi for short. I am here for your service, but ask not what your university can do for you, but what you can do for your university. I believe we all have a job to play in the bigger picture to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and accounted for. Regardless, I promise to work tirelessly to ensure that you are well accommodated here at SUNY Potsdam. You can email me at

Hello lovely people! I am your SGA Secretary, Imani Snipes! I am pretty much the moral support of this bunch of awesome hard-working people and I am also here for you guys! I'm a really good listener so if you need absolutely anything or just want to come pet my cats, you can email me at!

Hello! My name is Nicole Ridley and I am your SGA Treasurer for the 2016-2017 school year. I am a senior here at Potsdam, majoring in Speech Communication with minors in Therapeutic Recreation, Acting, and Wilderness Education. I have been involved in SGA to some capacity since my freshman year by being involved in many different clubs. During my sophomore year I became the President of Theatre Guild along with being the Treasurer of Cheerleading.

SGA is an important part of SUNY Potsdam. Students can express their talents, do something that interests them, or even learn something new by joining our various clubs and organizations. Students can also have a voice in SGA by joining Assembly and representing a specific group of the student body. I encourage everyone to look into the Student Government and the services we offer!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at or come by the SGA main office located on the second floor of the Barrington Student Union (room 213).

Hi Potsdam! My name is Bradley, or Brad, and I am the current SGA Comptroller. I am in my third year at Potsdam, double majoring in mathematics and chemistry. I am a huge fan of magic/illusions and anything funny! In my spare time, I’m always juggling, reading, watching my favorite shows, or just going with the flow and having a good time! If you need me for anything or have questions, just let me know by email,, or stop by the office! I look forward to a wonderful year with everyone!