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Be Ethical Aware & Responsible (BEAR)

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To join BEAR or one of the many groups listed below whose missions already resonate with the theme of active civility email Annette Robbins.

Conduct & Community Standards

Community Action Team

  • Student peers trained in student conduct process policies and procedures to assist in preparing for a hearing or creating an appeal. They do not serve as advisers, merely a resource in navigating the student conduct process.
  • Dispute Resolution Services
    This service is designed to resolve conflicts between members of the campus community including students, faculty and staff.
  • Sexual Incident Response Team
    Team members are trained to work with victims of sexual misconduct. Training includes information about trauma and referral to agencies in our area. View Title IX Information

Counseling Center

  • Active Minds
    Programming to bring campus awareness regarding mental health issues.
  • Wellness Advocates
    After completing training, each WA is put on a rotating on-call schedule for evenings and weekends or assigned to the Crane Office. They can be called to assist students who are in crisis or who need a kind ear.

Diversity In Action Coalition

  • Bias Response Team
    Team members are trained in how to work with students who are victims of bias-related incidents.

Health Education

  • Red Band
    Provides students with knowledge, awareness and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and mutual respect.

Residence Life

  • Academic Peer Mentors
    Peer mentors are upper-class students who live on all-freshmen halls within the First Year Experience program. Provides many programs for the students within the building, especially academic ones.
  • Resident Assistants
    The RA lives on a floor with 15-30 residents and answers questions, confronts violations, refers students to counseling, solves maintenance problems and plans activities for their residents.

Potsdam Community

  • Reachout
    The 24-hour hotline service assists Potsdam members by providing information and crisis assistance.

University Police

  • Campus Rescue Squad
    The rescue squad assists students through medical emergencies.
  • Night Guide Team
    The Team of males and females will be available to escort students home from around campus at night.