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Equipment Loans to Students

Durable, reusable equipment may be loaned to registered students for the purpose of treating their health concerns or for educational needs. The student will be instructed in the proper use and care of the equipment and sign an "Equipment Loan Contract". The student should be given the pink copy of the form at the time of the loan. The student will be informed that the equipment should be returned within two weeks. If the loan period needs to be greater than two weeks, the staff member should write that information on the Equipment Loan Contract.

When the equipment is returned, the staff member should date and sign the Equipment Loan Contract and give the student the yellow copy as a receipt. If the equipment is not returned within the time allotted the student will be reminded by the LPN, via phone or letter, that a hold will be placed on their registration if it is not returned in the near future. The hold will be placed 7 days after the reminder if the equipment is not returned by that time. The processing of the return notices and holds is the responsibility of the student health services secretary and appropriate records should be kept to document adherence to this policy.

The returned equipment will be cleaned by the LPN staff according to policies set forth by the infection control committee and then stored. The student will be responsible for equipment which is damaged or not returned. Student Health Services will be responsible for replacing worn out equipment.