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What can delay graduation?

We've listed some potential errors that could have major effects on your graduation status. Keep these in mind throughout your academic career, especially during advising time. Your graduation could be delayed if you:

  1. Have earned less than 70 hours outside one department (or 65 if you're a B.S.). Certain departments can be misleading and while students think they are taking classes in two different departments, they are actually housed under the same.


    • All of these classes are housed in the Modern Languages Department even though they are different languages/subjects: FREN, SPAN, ARAB, LANG, MOHK, LATN, GREK, LING, LITT, & ESL.
    • The same goes for these courses housed under the Art Dept.: ARTH (Art History), ARTM (Art Management) & ARTS (Art Studio).
    • Community Health (HLTH & WILD)
    • Business Administration (ACCT, BUEC, FINA, MGMT & MKGT).
  1. Take AC and AE in the same department, or take less than 3 hours in AE. Art History and Art Studio are the same department, Dance and Drama count as separate departments. Two Departments must be represented for these Gen Eds to count!
  1. Don't have enough hours in a required category (Acad. hrs., UD, outside the dept., etc.)

    • This can be due to unreported Repeats (in general a course can be counted for credit only once; there are some exceptions to this).
    • This is especially tricky when course numbers have changed, such as COMM 251/105, HLTH 450/250, ILR 222/EMRE 300, etc., or when courses count interchangeably, e.g., MATH 125 and STAT 100.
  1. Have counted your PE Activity hours towards the 120 total Academic hours. The course summary, Banner screens, and transcripts all show Earned hours, which include PE, so this is an easy mistake to make. You have to subtract PE Activity hours (not Dance 2 or 3 credit PE's) from Earned hours to calculate Academic hours.
  1. Are a transfer student and have completed less than 45 UD hours (300 level and above) yet have completed 120 Academic hours. This is because very few courses from a 2-year college can count for upper division, even if they are listed on the Transfer Credit Evaluation as the equivalent of one of our courses which is upper division (check for the UD designator).
  2. Lacking SI credit, because it isn't offered in every major. Also many students are afraid of public speaking and so delay completing this requirement.