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When Should I See My Adviser

You need to see your adviser:

  • Prior to Registration for scheduling classes. You won't be able to register for classes unless you meet with your adviser. After the appointment, your adviser will release your advising hold so you can register for classes.
  • When the Schedule of Classes is available. Contact your adviser early in the advising period to set up an advising appointment. Some advisers post sign-up sheets on their office doors; others make appointments by phone.
  • When you declare a major. You will be assigned a new adviser in your major department. You will be assigned an adviser for each major and minor you declare, and you should see each of those advisers before registering.
  • If you get an Early Warning (below a 2.0 grade). Arrange to talk to your adviser about what you can do to improve.
  • If you are considering Withdrawing from a class.
  • When you have a problem that you need help solving. Such as: academic difficulties and how to correct them.
  • When you are considering a change in direction, changing your major or interests and for career advice. Most advisers are happy to talk with students about their field of study! Keep in touch with your adviser.

Remember that advising is a 50/50 partnership!