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Student Responsibilities

While your adviser plays an essential role throughout your college years, ultimately the progress and results of your academic career are your responsibilities!

Your Responsibilities:

  • Understand College requirements for graduation including:
    • Specific major requirements
    • Implications of repeating a course
    • Implications of selecting S/U grading
    • Implications of Warning and Probation
    • Hours required for graduation
    • Distinctions among lower and upper division, liberal and non-liberal arts designations and hours required, PE hours
  • Become knowledgeable about graduation requirements by attending advising workshops and by studying advising materials.
  • Study all information pertinent to one's degree program in the Undergraduate Catalog and any supplemental materials provided for the major.
  • Keep accurate records and update the degree progress audit sheet every semester.
  • Sign up for an advising appointment each semester with the academic adviser, during the designated advising period. Keep the appointment.
  • Be prepared for your advising appointment. For tips on this see Preparing for Advising.
  • Accept full responsibility for own progress.
  • Accept full responsibility for own decisions (good or bad) and progress (slow or steady).