Choosing a Major

One of the biggest life-changing choices you will have to make while at SUNY Potsdam will be choosing your major.

As a new student you will do a lot of academic exploring. While you are exploring your options, you may want to consider these helpful tips:      

  1. To choose a major you need to assess your personal characteristics:     

    • What are your interests? People tend to be happier doing something they are good at and enjoy!          
    • What are your abilities? Maybe you do well in mathematics and science, writing and communicating, etc.          
    • What do you value? For example, ask yourself if it is more important to make a lot of money or contribute to social causes?          
    • What are your future goals? Career aspirations? If you have a few career options in mind, it can be helpful to talk to people in those fields and inquire about their majors.
  1. Find out more about the major(s) you are considering and ask yourself: 

    • Do the required courses in the major sound interesting?
    • How many semester hours of course work will it take to complete the major?          
    • How much math/science or English courses are required in the major?          
    • What are the types of jobs these majors will help you qualify for upon graduation?  
    • Will this major help you to reach your future goals?          
    • Have you considered pursuing an internship or a student exchange program or study abroad? It may help you decide if you really want to pursue a particular major or area and give you some new perspectives.         

Remember: It is okay to change your mind! Almost all college students change their majors one or more times before they graduate.        

But keep in mind that changing your major may mean it will take you a little longer to graduate.