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What is the Bridges Program?
Bridges is a special admissions program designed to support our students in their successful transition to SUNY Potsdam.

What is a special admissions program?
It is a program to provide college admission to students who show potential for success despite falling slightly below our regular admissions requirements.

How long will I be enrolled in the Bridges program?
Bridges students will be formally enrolled in the program for their first two semesters of college, however students can continue to access guidance and support beyond the first year.

Will I have to enroll in any special classes for Bridges?
You will have guaranteed access to some of the most sought after SUNY Potsdam courses: COMP 101 – Writing & Critical Thinking and FY 100 – First Year Success Seminar. The college recommends that all first-year students enroll in these courses, but not all are able to do so.

Will I receive any additional financial aid as a Bridges student?
While your financial aid package is not affected by Bridges, there are some financial perks to being in the program. You will receive a generous discount on Bear Bus tickets (for travel home during breaks), have access to free school supplies, and be automatically be eligible for the SSC Student Award (typically a $500 award).

What services does the Bridges program provide?
We specialize in academic advising and support services. Please visit our Services page for a detailed listing of all program services.

Is there an orientation program for Bridges?
All Bridges students will participate in a customized orientation process with expert advising, which takes place as part of SUNY Potsdam’s regular summer orientation program. This provides students with an opportunity to meet their Bridges Advisor for the first time, as well as fellow Bridges students.

Are the college’s academic standards different for Bridges?
No. Once you are accepted as a Bridges student you are subject to the same academic standards and requirements as all other SUNY Potsdam students.

What if I am not sure about selecting a major?
This is quite common amongst SUNY Potsdam students. Therefore, Bridges is open to students in all majors, including our “exploratory/undeclared” major. For those students, your Bridges advisor will also serve as your official academic advisor in order to provide you with additional guidance.

What happens after the two semesters are finished?
After successfully completing your two semesters in Bridges you will continue as any other SUNY Potsdam student. While many of the Bridges services will come to a close for you, your Bridges advisor will continue to be available as one of you many campus resources. For those who remain “exploratory/undeclared,” your Bridges advisor will continue serve as your official academic advisor.