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Service Learning

Take a class and combine your learning with volunteer work in the local community!

Service Learning Defined

In Spring of 2005 the Faculty Senate adopted a set of course criteria for Service Learning (SL) courses exemplifying the following definitions of service-learning:

"Service-learning is a credit-bearing, educational experience in which students participate in an organized service activity that meets identified community needs and reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.? Robert Bringle and Julie Hatcher, ?A Service Learning Curriculum for Faculty." The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning. Fall 1995. 112-122.

Service-learning is "an academic program based on the engagement with underserved groups or organizations and projects focused on the common good; structured reflections on service-related as well as discipline specific concerns; and respect for the needs and interests of the community partner." Edward Zlotkowski, Senior Associate for Service-Learning Projects at AAHE, Senior faculty Fellow at Campus Compac