Student Resources

  What is Service Learning? 
Service-learning is a form of experiential learning, which combines course-related
community service activities with reflective and integrative curricular activities.

  How can I do Service Learning? 
SUNY Potsdam currently offers the following courses which are designated SL classes:     

ANTH 305: Applying Anthropology - Alan Hersker
EDUC 408: Practicum 2 - Julie Reagan
ESL 497: Teaching ESL Practicum - Lora Lunt
INTD 150: General Honors Colloquium - David Smith
DRAM 495: Applied Theatre – Jay Pecora
ENVR 391: Field Project (all sections)
ENVR 490: Senior Seminar (all sections)
SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology – Heather Sullivan-Catlin
SOCI 305: Sociology of the Family – Heather Sullivan-Catlin
SOCI 340: Environment & Society – Heather Sullivan-Catlin