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Faculty Compensation

Fall and Spring Program

The Faculty Compensation Program has been suspended until further notice for the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Summer Program

The Summer faculty compensation program is a program in which any faculty member including Community Health and Music Business, is eligible to receive funds for serving as a faculty sponsor to a student intern.

Compensation of $50.00 is awarded to faculty for each credit they are sponsoring a student. For example, if you are sponsoring a student completing a 12 credit internship you will be compensated for all 12 credits. There is no limit to how many students a faculty member may sponsor.

Under the Summer Program faculty will receive their compensation directly through their paycheck as an extra service line with no restrictions on how the money is spent.

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Faculty Compensation Program or the number of credits you should be compensated for, please contact Kathy Sherwood at x-2590 or Toby White at x-2863.