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Quick FAQs

  • What should I do first to apply for an academic internship?
    Make an appointment to see the Director of Internships (call X2803).
  • How do I register for an academic internship?
    Complete the Internship Proposal and Learning Agreement forms. (Forms may be obtained from the Experiential Education Office or download them from the website.) Obtain all signatures and give these documents to the Director of Internships. The Director will then register you for the academic internship. (Please note that students CANNOT register an academic internship using Bear Paws).
  • How many contact hours at a worksite do I need to complete in order to be granted 1(one) academic credit hour?
    40 contact hours plus an academic component assigned by a faculty sponsor equals 1(one) credit hour (3 credits=120 contact hours, 6 credits =240 contact hours, 9 credits= 360 contact hours, and 12 credits=480 contact hours).
  • If I have a summer internship and I want to receive academic credits, do I have to pay summer tuition?
    Yes! A summer academic internship is just like a summer class. You must fill out a Learning Agreement Form and Internship Proposal. Deliver these forms to the Director of Internships and then he/she will register you for the summer session. You will then be billed for tuition per credit hour from the Bursars office.
  • Can I get paid and receive academic credit for an internship?
    Yes! Keep in mind that most organizations do not pay interns. If you do find a paid internship you may also receive academic credit.