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Step #1 Click on "Student Login" Left Side

Step #2 Enter Login name: Potsdam

Step #3 Enter Password: SUNYBears

Step #4 Click on Login Button

Step #5 Click on "Internships for Undergraduates" Left Side

Step #6 Download PDF Files of available internships

Please be sure to visit the Experiential Education Office for assistance in apply for internships for credit or non credit.

Step #1 New users, please click on the "Student Join" button to begin registering. Returning students, please click the "Log In" link and log-in using your previously registered user name and password.     

Step #2 New users, complete all registration sections required.

Step #3 Once all registration sections are completed, click on the "Sign Me Up" button. 

You may begin searching the database for opportunities. When returning to the site you must login using the information you registered.   


The Music Industry Guide

  1. To access the "Music Industry Guide" PDF document, you must send an email to Toby White at whitetj@potsdam.edu and request the access code.
  2. Once you have received an email from Toby White with the required access code, please click on the link below and enter the access code provided. Please keep in mind that this is a large 733 page PDF File and could take a few minutes to download depending on your internet speed.

    Music Industry Internship Guide (PDF)
  3. Click the PDF link provided below to access the "Music Industry" Navigational Guide. This guide gives tips on how to search the Music Industry Guide!

    Music Industry Navigational Guide (PDF)



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