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Information for Faculty

All Progress Report grades are submitted via SSC Campus by the end of the 6th week of classes.


Progress Reports are designed to provide feedback to students early in the semester on their academic performance so that they have time to make appropriate changes or to seek out tutoring or other support services. 

Please submit a Progress Report for any students taking your course currently performing AT or BELOW the 2.0 grade level. You are also strongly encouraged to choose from a list of suggestions for academic improvement and to write text comments if you believe these would be helpful or appropriate for an individual student.

The system allows you to submit just a grade, one or more suggestions, or just a comment, or any combination of responses. For instance, even if a student has an acceptable current course grade, or has not yet submitted any graded work for the class, you can still make a suggestion or comment to encourage a student to improve her/his academic behavior.

Please submit Progress Reports even if you have notified students in person of their course performance, the Progress Reports submitted will be viewable by academic advisers, special program counselors, and sports team coaches who can offer students academic assistance.

NOTE: If a student has never attended or has stopped attending your class, please submit a 0.0 grade. This may prompt the student to officially withdraw from your class.  You can also make a note in the freeform comment box.

If you have questions or problems, please call the Student Success Center at 267-2580.


All Progress Report grades should be submitted via SSC Campus. Instructors will receive an email linking them directly to the submission page.  The system allows faculty to submit all of their Progress Reports at once, or to submit a portion and save the rest for later.  All Progress Reports should be submitted by the Friday of the 6th week of classes.

Your class rosters will already be populated in SSC Campus.  Simply enter the information for reach student you wish to provide a report.

If you do not have any students needing a Progress Report, there will be an option for you to select.

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