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SSS Tutor Qualifications & Application Procedure


  • SSS tutors are in Acceptable Academic Standing
  • They must have achieved 3.3 or better in the courses they tutor
  • They must demonstrate:
    • strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
    • sound organizational and study skills
    • and have a willingness to help other SUNY Potsdam students be successful

  • Students with "weaker" qualifications are accepted upon written approval by the faculty member currently teaching the course in which students want to become

Application Procedure:

  • To become an SSS tutor you must submit a TUTOR APPLICATION AND A COMPLETED FACULTY ENDORSEMENT FORM (available in the SSS Office, 119 Sisson).
  • Applications are accepted for all undergraduate courses, except for Labs, performance technique classes (music, dance, drama) and distance learning classes.
  • SSS tutors begin employment with an orientation and training program designed to provide the skills you need to work with students.
  • Once trained in the basics of peer tutoring and with faculty recommendation for the course(s) they want to tutor, they are assigned to students.