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Multilingual Writers

Resources for Writers

  • English Page

    Free online lessons. Excellent explanations of English language issues for college-level readers.

    An online dictionary of idioms and their meanings.
  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab

    This is a great, easy to use website for you as a student and as a tutor. On the upper navigation you can choose ?ESL? to get easy access to grammar & mechanics, practical exercises for practice and writing guides for American and international audiences. You also have access to general writing guidelines, multiple research and citation guidelines and job-specific writing strategies.
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: The Writing Center

    This writing center has great information on writing styles, the writing process and writing for specific purposes. Their ?Citations, Style and Sentence Level Concerns? provides great examples and explanations of common grammar, mechanics and usage errors.
  • Dartmouth Writing Program

    Dartmouth has a short, but effective presentation of the ?American? argument style. Many students from different cultures find American thesis and papers styles are difficult to understand. This website is a good resource for you to understand common problems.
  • Dave?s ESL Cafe

    Dave?s ESL Cafe has great resources for tutors and tutees, everything from grammar, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, etc.
  • English Teacher Melanie

    Helpful explanations!

Resources for Tutors