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Meet our Staff

CWC Senior Tutors

  • Sara Cantwell, English graduate student
  • Brittany Lucky, childhood ed and special ed graduate student
  • Josh Eassa, secondary ed ELA/ English lit/writing
  • Julia Bellante, Crane and music ed
  • Sarahfina Wipf, biology and dance
  • Kate Grisi, geology
  • Kevin Bertolero, English lit and philosophy
  • Ellen Ricks, creative writing
  • Kevin Agyakwa, communication
  • Jay Petrequin, writing and journalism

CWC Newer Tutors

  • Ricardo Bauzile, business administration
  • Lina Sinisterra, community health and Spanish
  • Bryan Archer, exercise science and Spanish
  • Jess Shaul, English Literature/Writing
  • Carly Jensen, secondary ed ELA/ English Lit/Writing
  • Katie Agar, secondary ed ELA/ English Lit/Writing
  • Rebecca Augustine, theater and creative writing