Meet our Staff

Director: Dr. Jennifer Mitchell,
Assistant Director: Bethany Fobare
Shared Administrative Assistant: Ricky Bonner-Murray

Tutors: we tutor all kinds of writing, but these are our majors. If you need a specialized tutor, please ask at the desk or email

  • Josh Eassa, Secondary Ed ELA
  • Adriana Rizzo, Childhood Ed, chemistry specialization (US History with Smith)
  • Julia Bellante, Crane
  • Stephanie Hall, politics and human services (Irish theater)
  • Tahler Channer, anthropology (Irish theater)
  • Sam Lucas, biology
  • Stephanie Stassi, biology
  • Sarahfina Wipf, biology and dance
  • Kevin Bertolero, creative writing and professional writing (US History with Smith)
  • Ellen Ricks, creative writing
  • Marcus Wolf, creative writing
  • Alexis Racette, writing and community health (US History with Smith)
  • Kevin Agyakwa, communication and business
  • Stephanie Knapp, communication and professional writing(US History with Smith)
  • Aubree Prince-Stahler, professional writing
  • Kevin Bertolero, literature and philosophy (Irish theater)
  • Ricardo Bauzile, business
  • Steven Dominguez, business

Academic Support Lab Staff (evenings 7-9 p.m. in Sisson 106; walk-ins welcome)

  • Paul Halley on Mon. and Tu.
  • Adriana Rizzo on Wed. and Th.

CWC hours in EOP

  • Stephanie Hall
  • Sam Lucas

Administrative Staff

  • Lina Sinisterra
  • Angelo Bellerice
  • Mariam Cisse
  • Jennifer Beaudoin
  • Machella Raymond
  • Elisabeth Marchbanks
  • Stephanie Stassi
  • Lucellys Ortiz