Meet our Staff

Assistant Director: Brenton Johnson
Graduate Shift Supervisors: Josh Claflin and Renee Krusper
Shared Administrative Assistant: Ricky Bonner-Murray

Academic Support Lab Staff

  • Lyndi Scott
  • Leia Depeche
  • Stephanie Stassi (biology tutoring on Mon. and Th. evenings)

More Tutors: we tutor all kinds of writing, but these are our majors

  • Kim O'Morrissey, Secondary Ed ELA 
  • Josh Eassa, Secondary Ed ELA 
  • Adriana Rizzo, Childhood and Early Childhood Ed
  • Tina Wing, Childhood and Early Childhood Ed
  • Lyndi Scott, creative writing and community health/APA
  • Ashley Wixon, writing and journalism
  • Alexandra Kesick, writing, journalism, and Chicago style
  • Zach Sandecki, writing, philosophy
  • Stephanie Hall, politics and human services
  • Sam Lucas, general and biology
  • Kevin Agyakwa, communication
  • Leia Depeche, theater education
  • Marcus Wolf, creative writing
  • Shantel Clother, sociology
  • Sara Cantwell, creative writing
  • Stephanie Stassi, biology

CWC hours in EOP

  • Stephanie Hall
  • Sam Lucas
  • Shantel Clother
  • Stephanie Stassi

Administrative Staff

  • Paul Grubner
  • Elisabeth Marchbanks
  • Ashley Moore
  • Bianca Braman