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Creative Services

Creative and design services includes projects that span the campus community from design utilities to photography resources. All communications should have a strong, consistent visual presence and an integrated look and feel. Prescribing standards for all uses of school colors and fonts influences everything from campus signs to digital media and creates a visual identity that unites the university community. This visual identity gives our institution a familiar and welcoming public presence, immediately recognizable to the many populations we serve, while enabling Potsdam's departments and other units to communicate their unique identities within the overall Potsdam brand.

Design Services

Creative services provides artwork for signage, publications, banners, posters, brochures and many other mediums.

Photography Services

SUNY Potsdam does not employ a full-time photographer. However, creative services may provide a student photographer or professional photographer, depending on your project. Discretion is based on availability, fiscal resources and priorities of the office.


Templates are used for a variety of purposes. Often, the best solution for your office may be a pre-printed template brochure or slide, where you can customize the information, get your job done swiftly and still fit within the Potsdam brand.