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Official Colors

The consistent use of color is another component of a strong brand system. Two color palettes are included in SUNY Potsdam's brand guidelines, providing a wide range of creative options. Utilizing the master color palette as often as possible will maximize reinforcement of the Potsdam brand.

When printing in two or more colors, Potsdam's master color palette must always be used. Any justified exceptions (such as special event pieces or select merchandise) must be approved by the Office of College Communications and abide by the logo standard.

When printing in one color, only Potsdam Maroon or Black may be used. Should you find any justified necessity to deviate from these color palettes, please address your concerns to the Office of College Communications.

Master Color Palette

   Potsdam Maroon  

  Potsdam Gray     

Print and Web Specifications

PMS (Pantone)

4-color Process (%)

Web (%)

1955 C

C  9
M 100
Y 54
K 43


R 138
G 21
B 56

Hexadecimal # 8A1538


PMS (Pantone)

4-color Process (%)

Web (%)

429 C

C  21
M 11
Y  9
K  23

R 162
G 170
B 173

Hexadecimal # A2AAAD