Document Upload

  1. Once you have logged into the CMS, go to the  page where you want to upload the PDF or Word document. You will see a pencil icon in the upper right side of the screen:

    pencil icon
  2. If you navigate your cursor over the pencil icon, you will se the following text, "Click here to open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab". Click on the pencil icon to Open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab. You will then see the following text box:
    entrance tab icon     
  3. Click on 'Work on this Page'.

    The upper left half of the page will display the following Toolbar:

    Left Toolbar

  4. Click on 'New' in the gray section of the Toolbar and then click on 'Uploaded Document"

    The following box will appear (using the Physical Plant website in this example):

    Upload box

    You will notice that the current subsite that you're in will already be highlighted in blue.  Therefore, you can simply click 'Next' at the bottom of the "Upload New Document" box.
  5. After clicking 'Next', the following box will appear:

    Upload Window Screenshot
  6. Click on Browse to select the document from your files.  Please make sure the name of the file describes what the file actually is.  Also, please keep the name of the file as brief as possible.
  7. Enter the title of the document in the Title field. 
  8. For the Description field, please enter a complete description of the document.  If possible, copy and paste the first sentence of the document into the Description field.
  9. For the Category field, select Commonspot Pages from the drop-down menu.
  10. The Keywords are words people would use to search for the document they are looking for.  Please use commas to separate keywords.  After entering Keywords, click Next. 
  11. A Custom Properties box will appear which will allow you to assign the uploaded document to the right or left navigation of the page.  For example, if you want the uploaded document to appear in the right navigation of the page, you would click the box that reads "Show page link in right nav".  You can assign a number in the Page Order (right nav) box from 100 to 900.  If you don't want to assign the document to the right or left nav, you can simply click Save.  Never select the Top Navigation option.

    Custom Properties Window