Department Liaisons

Alumni Relations
Stevenson, Laura
Vroman, Mona

Athletic & Physical Education
Bronson, Daniel
Zalacca, Jeremy

Center for Undergraduate Research
Ellingsen, Julie

Computing & Technology Services
Burgoyne, Don
Major, Steve

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    Haverstock, Irene
    Van Weringh, Janet

  • BearPAWS 
    Haverstock, Irene
    Van Weringh, Janet

    Blackboard Administration
    Phillips, Michael

Crane School of Music
Guiles, Glenn
Lavine, Scott
McCoy, Peter

Department of Anthropology
Schwarz, Carolyn

Department of Art
Bush, Helen

Department of Biology
Trybula, Jan

Department of Business Administration
Hossain, Shahadat

Department of Chemistry
Hepel, Maria

Department of Community Health
McCarthy, Maureen

Department of Computer Science/Organizational Leadership & Technology
Betrus, Anthony
Donahue, Emily
Winters, Ann

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Valentine, Kathleen

Department of English & Communication
Cullen, Pam

Department of Geology
Greene, Roberta

Department of History
Baker, Tom

Department of Literacy 
Hall, Lynn

Department of Mathematics
Charleson, Phyllis

Department of Modern Languages
Larock, Sandy

Department of Philosophy
Larock, Sandy

Department of Physics
Greene, Roberta

Department of Politics
Rush, Jacqueline

Department of Psychology 
Tissaw, Michael

Department of Sociology 
Rush, Jacqueline

Emerging Leaders
Julie Dold

Extended Education

Phillips, Michael
Rowe, Wilda

Faculty Senate 
Trybula, Jan
Haller, Susan

Field Experiences and Teacher Certification
Feml, Nicole
Guiney, Amy

Fund for Potsdam
Carroll, Christa
Nesbitt, Ellen

General Education
Stone, Patricia

Gibson Gallery
Vasher-Dean, April

Graduate Admissions
Holmes, Joshua

Greek Life
Dold, Julie

Human Resources
Proulx, Melissa
Scott, Sheila

Human Resources Student Employment
Haggett, Jessica
Kelley, Annette
Riordan, Amber

Institutional Effectiveness
Brown, Stephanie
Hoyt, Peter

Learning Communities
Bonner-Murray, Richelle

Miller, Cheryl

Stickney, Mary

Kelley, Kathy

Non-Credit Courses
Ober, Donna
Todd, Beth


Lee, Abby

Provost's Office
Stone, Patricia

Public Affairs User
Kelly, Kathy

Registrar's Office
Carr, Sarah

Research and Sponsored Programs
LeMay, Kathleen

Residence Life
Duchscherer, Eric

Resource Transparency Committee
Lanz, Chris

School of Arts & Sciences
Medo, Krista

School of Arts & Sciences Calendar
FeFee, Claudette

School of Education & Professional Studies
Amoriell, William
Brouwer, Peter

Undergraduate Education Advising
Stewart, Lisa

Dold, Julie
Flack, Debbie

Student Affairs
Centrella, Jean
Dold, Julie
Flack, Debbie

Student Health Services
Moose, Richard

SUNY Potsdam Administrators
Dudley, Deb

SUNY Potsdam Childcare Center
Carr, Sarah

Haverstock, Irene
Van Weringh, Janet

Title III
Ellingsen, Julie

McCoy, Peter

Women's and Gender Studies
Bonner-Murray, Richelle