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Documents & Graphics

Acceptable Document Types

  • PDFs
    When linking to a PDF document a link to download Adobe Reader should also appear on the page. Additionally, the Adobe Reader icon is available in the image gallery of the CMS, under a category labeled logos.
  • .doc/.docx
    By linking to Word documents we're potentially limiting a user's access to that document. Using PDF documents are the preferred document type as we can't assume the end user has the correct version of Word to open that document.

Linking within PDFs or Word Documents

At this time, linking to external PDFs within a PDF or Word document is not supported by the Office of College Communications. College Communications will not edit or maintain any links within PDF or Word documents. Such external links must be maintained by the department liaison.


PDF Forms

Liaisons can create PDF forms that users can download and fill in like they would an online form and/or Word document. However, College Communications will not accept requests to create PDF forms.