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Visual Guidelines

Within the Content Management System (CMS), there is a built-in Rich Text Editor (RTE) which is designed to help liaisons add content to their section of the website without having any prior knowledge of HTML or ColdFusion.

The policies outlined below will help maintain visual consistency on the SUNY Potsdam website.


  • For all standard text, liaisons should use Paragraph style. This choice will automatically render to the correct font size. Do not use Normal font (unless using a table).
  • For Headings, liaisons have three options that have been approved by the Office of Public Affairs:

    • Heading 4: Font size 16, dark gray, bold
    • Heading 3: Font size 20, dark red, bold
    • Heading 2: Font size 30, dark red, bold
  • No other fonts/colors should be used for text.


Tables should only be used when the nature of the content:

  • Needs to serve the user for efficient and concise understanding of the information.

Table Formatting Guidelines:

  • Borders - Public Affairs prefers that a border width of "0" be used.
  • Font - The RTE will automatically render a "Normal" style for all table text.

Using Microsoft Word

  • Copying site content directly from a Word document is prohibited. Word has hidden meta-tags that could potentially break the CMS. If you want to transfer text from a Word document you must:

    1. Copy the Word text and paste into a program such as TextEdit (for Mac) or NotePad (for PC). This will remove the formatting tags.
    2. Copy and paste your text from TextEdit or NotePad into the RTE of the CMS.