Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we redesigning the site?

The College's Web presence represents our single, most comprehensive and important communication vehicle, and one that reaches a worldwide audience. Currently the SUNY Potsdam homepage receives more than 3 million visitors every year. The current site has been largely unchanged since late 2008. The College periodically assesses the website in an effort to keep it a current and relevant tool for all of its constituencies.


What are the desired outcomes of the redesign?

  • A better search engine
  • Improved look and feel
  • More accessible commonly used tools such as direct access to BearMail, BearPAWS and Moodle
  • An updated "core" website, which would include the homepage as well as internal pages hosted on These templates will showcase the unique experiences we provide for our students, the impacts of our faculty's teaching, and our involvement with the local community. An effective and current website will improve our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest students and faculty, maintain strong relationships with our alumni and friends, and build a broader understanding of our leadership in liberal arts education.


What are the principal goals of the redesign project?

We want to create a site that embodies the culture and brand of SUNY Potsdam and sets it apart from other colleges. Fresh and engaging content as well as easy navigation. We also strive to give each constituency the most effective communication tool possible.


What will the redesign involve?

The Web Communications Team will work with faculty, students, staff and alumni  to examine the current site and its architecture and usage, review best practices from other university websites, and solicit input from the campus community. The redesign will focus on the homepage as well as internal pages. A key goal of the project will be to ensure that visitors can quickly and easily find the information they need when visiting the site.


How long will this take?

We aim to have a redesigned site ready for testing during the Spring 2013 semester.


How can I participate in the redesign?

The Office of Public Affairs seeks input and feedback from the university community throughout the redesign project, and will offer regular updates on progress on the redesign on this site. We want students, faculty and staff to be active participants in the planning stages, as well as the development of design concepts, site architecture, programming elements, usability evaluation and the actual launch.

The Web Communications Team will report to the campus community regarding progress on site, research and opinions about current and future site plans. Members of the campus community are encouraged to contact the Director of Web Communications or complete this online form with comments or questions.