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FAQs: SUNY Potsdam/North Country Community College Collaborative

The SUNY Potsdam/North Country Community College (NCCC) Collaborative is a unique partnership between the two campuses that focuses on our institution’s mission to expand access to higher education while providing a pipeline of academically qualified students into SUNY Potsdam.  Much like our partnership with Jefferson Community College in Watertown, through which SUNY Potsdam offers its degrees on the JCC campus, this partnership enables NCCC to offer targeted Associate’s degrees on our campus.

  • When will this collaborative begin?
    The first cohort of students will enroll as early as the Fall 2018 semester.
  • How many students are anticipated to be enrolled?
    It is anticipated that approximately 60 NCCC students will participate in this partnership as early as the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Will this program directly compete with our recruitment efforts?
    No.  Students who will be invited to participate are those who in the past have received a “provisional guarantee of acceptance” from SUNY Potsdam, with the intent that they successfully complete a minimum number of coursework hours elsewhere before transferring to Potsdam.  However, data has indicated that these “guarantee” students seldom transfer back to Potsdam.  A purpose of this partnership program is to provide a more concrete pipeline for these students, who have already declared interest in attending Potsdam.
  • What degrees will NCCC be offering through this partnership?
    NCCC will be offering degrees that will easily transfer to SUNY Potsdam and that align with existing academic strengths of our institution.  Preliminary plans include offering the following degrees: A.A. Liberal Arts & Science/Humanities & Social Science; A.A. Liberal Arts & Science/Psychology Track; A.S. Business Administration; A.A.S. Criminal Justice.
  • Will this program affect SUNY Potsdam’s academic quality?
    Absolutely not.  NCCC students will be taking NCCC classes from NCCC faculty.  Hopefully, NCCC students will decide to transfer to SUNY Potsdam upon completion of their Associate’s degree, which would have a positive effect on academic quality on our campus. According to our own institutional data, the graduation rate for students who transfer to SUNY Potsdam is 58.1%, compared with a rate of 52.6% for students who begin at Potsdam as freshmen.  In addition, 78.2% of students who transfer to SUNY Potsdam with an Associate’s degree are still retained after one year, as compared with 75% of students who enter the College as first-year students (Fall 2015 data).  It is evident from our data that transfer students perform as well or better academically than those who enter SUNY Potsdam as “traditional” freshmen.
  • Will SUNY Potsdam’s admissions requirements be changed because of this program?
    Absolutely not.  NCCC students who desire to transfer to SUNY Potsdam must meet all of SUNY Potsdam’s requirements for transfer admission.
  • Will NCCC students be in our classes?
    No.  NCCC students will be taking NCCC courses, taught by NCCC faculty.  (However, if departments wish to collaborate with NCCC on joint courses or other academic initiatives, they would be able to do so under this partnership.)
  • Will NCCC students share dormitories with SUNY Potsdam students?  How will this be configured?
    Yes, NCCC students will have the opportunity to live on campus and would be assigned rooms in the same manner as any incoming first-year students.  NCCC students living on our campus would pay the SUNY Potsdam rate for room and board, and would be required to adhere to all residence hall policies expected of any students who utilize these facilities.
  • Will NCCC students use our library? 
    Yes, NCCC students will have access to the campus libraries and their resources, just as the Potsdam community has access to our campus’ libraries.  Library staff at SUNY Potsdam and NCCC are currently working on identifying any unique needs that may arise from this partnership, and will plan accordingly.
  • Will NCCC students use Maxcy Hall facilities?
    NCCC students living on campus would pay SUNY Potsdam’s recreational fee, and would therefore have access to Maxcy Hall facilities.
  • Will NCCC students be included in our first year programs (FIGS/FYSS/FYE)?
    Because NCCC students will be taking NCCC classes, they would not be participating in SUNY Potsdam’s First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) or the First Year Seminar Series (FYSS).  NCCC students who are staying in the residence halls will have the opportunity to participate in First Year Experience (FYE) experience programs.
  • Who will provide academic support for NCCC students?
    NCCC is responsible for all academic support of its students.  Discussions will be held soon to determine the feasibility of entering into a joint agreement with SUNY Potsdam’s Writer’s Block and Math Lab, through which NCCC would provide funding to these tutoring centers for any NCCC students receiving support.  This would also provide an increased number of SUNY Potsdam students the opportunity for employment as campus tutors.
  • Who will advise NCCC students?
    NCCC students will be advised by NCCC faculty.
  • Will NCCC classes use SUNY Potsdam classrooms, especially those equipped for multimedia?
    Yes, NCCC classes will be held on the SUNY Potsdam campus in general-use classrooms, but SUNY Potsdam courses will have scheduling priority.  Where appropriate, NCCC will provide financial remuneration for any expenses incurred related to multimedia equipment.
  • Will our laboratories be used for NCCC courses?
    NCCC’s curriculum is currently being finalized.  However, it is anticipated that NCCC will need access to a Biology laboratory at least for the initial year of the program.  If this is the case, NCCC will be responsible for reimbursing the Department for any equipment use/breakage, and would coordinate with the Department in regards to scheduling.  SUNY Potsdam’s lab sections will have scheduling priority.
  • Can NCCC students join SUNY Potsdam’s clubs and/or organizations?
    Because NCCC students will be paying SUNY Potsdam’s Student Activity Fee, it is anticipated that they will be able to participate in campus clubs and organizations.SUNY Potsdam’s Student Life staff will be working with SUNY Potsdam’s Student Government Association to verify this participation.NCCC students choosing to participate in Club Sports will be required to have proof of health insurance.
  • Can NCCC students attend performances and other events on campus?
    NCCC students will be welcomed at any events held on campus that are open to the general public.
  • What fees will NCCC students be responsible for paying?
    NCCC students will pay housing rates (if living on campus), meals (if a meal plan is elected), and the following fees: technology, student activities, parking, transportation, and health services. Proof of health insurance is required if an NCCC student participates in club sports.
  • What is the cost sharing plan for student services?
    Details are currently being worked out between the two campuses regarding a full range of student-related services and associated costs. 
  • Will NCCC students be required to follow our code of conduct? 
    Yes, NCCC students will be required to follow SUNY Potsdam’s code of conduct in regards to all non-academic activities.  NCCC students will be required to follow NCCC’s academic code of conduct as it relates to their academic progress while they are NCCC students.
  • How will our mission documents, including The Potsdam Pledge, apply to this group of students and faculty?
    As an academic institution, NCCC has its own mission that guides the academic programming and learning outcomes for its students.  As SUNY institutions, both SUNY Potsdam and NCCC are obligated the follow general policies, including but not limited to maintenance of order, and state and federal laws.  NCCC is currently conducting a student code of conduct comparison and has agreed that, in instances where the policies may differ, the stricter policy will apply.  If NCCC students reside on campus, they will sign and follow Potsdam’s Housing Policy License.  For these residential students, NCCC staff will be involved in adjudicating conduct matters for their students alongside whichever Potsdam staff/administrator is also adjudicating the behavior. NCCC commuter students would only need to be adjudicated by NCCC.
  • Where will NCCC faculty have their offices?  Will NCCC faculty become part of the relevant academic department?  Faculty Senate?  UUP?
    It is anticipated that the NCCC faculty and support staff will be housed at the NATCO building on North Main Street (across from Hosmer Hall).  NCCC faculty would not be part of a SUNY Potsdam academic department, SUNY Potsdam Faculty Senate, or United University Professions (NCCC faculty are in a separate union).  However, departments are certainly encouraged to reach out to their NCCC counterparts to collaborate in initiatives that they feel appropriate to their academic programming.
  • What campus resources will be shared with NCCC faculty?  Who will provide clerical support?
    NCCC will be responsible for providing its own clerical support.  Usage of other campuses resources will be outlined in the MOU, which is currently being developed.
  • How can SUNY Potsdam’s faculty be involved?
    Throughout the 2017/18 academic year, opportunities will be made available to update faculty on this initiative and to gather input from the campus community (e.g., through Faculty Senate, fall summit, “Coffee & Conversation,” departmental meetings, and the Newsletter).  In addition, it is anticipated that a small working group will be developed that will consist of the NCCC program director, NCCC and SUNY Potsdam provosts, NCCC faculty members involved with the initiative, their faculty counterparts at SUNY Potsdam, and the SUNY Potsdam Registrar.  The purpose of this group will be to address academic issues and concerns that arise through the planning process, as well as to identify possible new initiatives to enhance the educational experience for the NCCC students and strengthen the pipeline into SUNY Potsdam.


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A copy of the current draft MOU can be accessed here (PDF) by those with a CCA (Campus Computer Account).