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Active Content Web Site Information Provider Agreement

1. Definition of Information Provider

An Information Provider (IP) is a faculty, staff, or student member of the campus community who has agreed to be responsible for posting information on a topic or topics for SUNY Potsdam's Pluto web server. The Information Provider may represent an office, department, or group. This form must be signed by the current faculty/staff advisor if the content is being developed by a student.

2. Responsibilities

The Information Provider agrees to see that the content of the information in topics posted under her or his direction adheres to SUNY Potsdam's Acceptable Use Policy, as well as all College and SUNY rules and regulations. Violators (for example, of copyright laws) will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. For information about copyright laws, visit the United States Copyright Office and Copyright Clearance Center Inc.

Each Information Provider will be assigned a SUNY Potsdam e-mail address if he or she does not already have one. The IP agrees to put this e-mail address on every document he or she posts to the Pluto server, so that questions on topic content may be directed to the appropriate IP. The Information Provider also agrees to update information in her or his topics as appropriate.

The Information Provider also agrees that all active content hosted on the Pluto server will stay confined to acceptable resources and not interfere with the operation of the Pluto server or other active content. Additionally, the IP agrees not to house confidential or personal information on the Pluto server or its database(s). All data must conform to local policy and State/Federal laws pertaining to information storage.

3. Type of Information

Information Providers may request permission to post information on any topic of interest to the college community, as long as the content does not violate the rules and regulations mentioned in 2 above. The content may be reviewed and rejected by the Electronic Communications Coordinator and/or the Web Design Team.

4. Format of Information

Electronic only. Each Information Provider will receive log-in instructions after his/her account has been created.

The information posted on the Pluto server must be formatted in such a way as to be accessible to all persons with disabilities, in accord with state law. General guidelines are as follows:

  • Images. Provide the alt attribute to describe each image (alt is in the img src tag).
  • Image maps. Provide the alt attribute for each area of the image map.
  • Links. Use text that makes sense out of context. For example, avoid "click here."
  • Frames. Use meaningful titles and the NOFRAMES tag to provide the same information or to provide a link to the main HTML document of your frameset (the one with the information the visitor seeks).
  • Forms. Where you offer a form, provide a contact phone number or e-mail.
  • Tables. Identify row and column headers.
  • PDF files. Where you offer a .pdf file, also offer a link to if and only if the original file is text-based. Otherwise, you need to provide the information in HTML, text, and images.

For further information, consult the Web Design Policy governing web accessibility (viewable only from a campus computer).

5. Overall Campus Web System Policy

The Web Design Team (with advice from other campus constituents) recommends policy concerning use of Campus Web servers to the President of SUNY Potsdam, the Director of Public Affairs, and the Director of Computing and Technology Service.

WWW Information Guidelines

Material on the Pluto web server is accessible by internet users around the world. For this reason, you must consider the following when posting materials on www.

  • Do not violate copyright. Be sure to have permission of copyright holders before including text, graphics, or other materials. For reference, visit the web sites listed earlier, in Section 2.
  • Plan for the regular updating of information that will become dated.
  • Be prepared to respond directly to questions about your information. Your e-mail address will be included on each document you post.

Format: The preferred format for most information on the www2 web server is HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the standard for www2 documents. Several ways of producing documents in HTML format are available, and online training is available through the Office of Continuing Education. Existing documents can usually be fairly easily converted to HTML, retaining much of the layout and graphics. Documents can also be written directly in HTML format. Editors are available for most computer platforms.

You are responsible for the appearance of your information, and how it reflects on your organization, and on SUNY Potsdam.

When your pages are ready to be made public, contact the Electronic Communications Coordinator to determine where link(s) on the SUNY Potsdam website might be appropriate.

Active Content IP Agreement
I have read the Active Content Web Site Information Provider Agreement and the SUNY Potsdam
Acceptable Use Policy. I agree to abide by them.


Organization/Group name: ______________________________________________

Faculty/Staff advisor name:

Campus address: _______________________________________________________
Campus telephone: _________________
Home telephone: ___________________
Campus e-mail address: ________________________________________________ 

Name of person who will be creating and updating the page:



Phone Number:__________________________________________________________


Describe the information to be posted:



Important: Keep all pages except this one for your records, and return only this signed
section to the CTS Helpdesk in Stillman Hall, Rm 103.

Copy and deliver to appropriate HNS personnel.