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Computer Account Retention Policy

The Campus Computer Account (CCA) is provided for students/faculty to use during their active attendance/employment at SUNY Potsdam, and provides access to all authenticated technology resources on campus.

A student's CCA will remain active for all services - except for remote access to library electronic resources - for a period of 6 months (180 days) after they have been deemed "inactive" by the college for reasons such as withdrawal, dismissal, or other associated conditions. After this period, the CCA will be deactivated except for access to BearPAWS, and all files and data associated with the account will be frozen. After a period of 15 months (545 days) from the initial classification of "inactivity",  all email, files and data associated with the account will be deleted but the CCA can still be used to login to BearPAWS.

Access to library electronic resources is terminated immediately when a student's status changes to inactive due to our license agreements. This is the only disruption in services that students who are leaving temporarily for a semester will experience. All other services will continue as long as they are re-enrolled in classes within 6 months (180 days).

Students who have graduated are subject to all of the conditions above, with the exception that they will retain access to their e-mail account for as long as they wish. Note this is the on-line e-mail portion of Office 365 only. All Office 365 applications will no no longer be active. Graduates wishing to continues use of the full O365 package can subscribe to it as a standard user at their expense.

Faculty/Staff will lose their CCAs immediately after their official final day of employment at the college (see faculty exception below). All data associated with the account will be permanently deleted. Departing employees may be eligible for email forwarding (see email forward policy).

Faculty Emeriti will lose their accounts as above, unless they request otherwise. Emeriti have the option of retaining full or partial access to computing resources and to do so must complete an "Emeriti-CTS Services Exit Questionnaire" as part of their exit interview with Human Resources. An emeritus employee is defined as someone who is a member of United University Professions (UUP) or Management Confidential (MC) and is retiring.

Faculty Exception: Departing faculty with outstanding incomplete grades will automatically retain access to e-mail, BearPAWS, and Moodle for 9 months (270 days) past their official final day of employment.