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  • Access - All users (including students and staff), may create/share video content by logging into using your regular campus username and password (CCA).  In addition, if you have a Moodle course or committee site, you can gain access by adding the Knowmia activity using the External Tool option.
  • Content Ownership - Established agreements set within university contracts will govern rights/ownership of video content created using Knowmia by a course’s instructor.  All other content created using Knowmia is owned by SUNY Potsdam unless that content creation falls under other established agreements or policies.
  • Uploads - When uploading videos to share, content must be uploaded to Knowmia.  Video media content may no longer be uploaded to Moodle or stored on Helios. [Audio content may be uploaded to Moodle as long as copyright guidelines are followed.]
  • Student Assignments- Student recorded assignments must be saved for 1 year before an instructor (or the institution) may delete them.  This is true even if the Instructor has terminated employment.
  • Sharing - Knowmiacontent may be shared with all campus users, all users within a Moodle course (or a Knowmia group), specific campus users, and publicly with the world.  Due to current Knowmia configurations, student users can’t be distinguished from faculty or staff users.  Therefore, if a user would like to share a video publicly (with off-campus users), please submit a Make Content Public request to the CCI by email (include a link to the video).
  • Misuse - Misuse of the Knowmiaresource could result in loss of privileges.  All content within a user’s Knowmiaaccount must adhere to campus policies and guidelines and adhere to copyright standards.
  • Copies - If users want copies of video content for future use outside of Knowmia, users may download content from their Knowmia account.  Copies will not be provided to users at any time by Knowmia administrators.