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Connecting to Helios3 with Windows

On campus & VPN users may connect to Helios3 using Windows File Sharing. The following method is consistent for all versions of Windows and users for VPN.

  • Open a new Windows Explorer Window. There is often already a File Explorer icon in the Task Bar or Start Menu. Clicking it will give you a Window similar to the below:
  • In the URL bar of the window, replace what is there with \\ and press the Enter key. This will bring you into Helios3 and you'll see the shares directory as shown below.

  • Now would be a good time to create a shortcut of the shares directory either on your Desktop or in the Start Menu. To do so, right+click shares and choose the desired option from the menu (examples below):
  • When you double-click shares, it will contain all of the group shares that you have access to.


  • When using a personally owned computer to connect to Helios3 you will be asked for a username and password, these are your standard campus CCA credentials.
  • When using Windows, if your username is rejected, you may have to enter it with the DOMAIN name included. Example: SPOT\yourcca