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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

The Ombuds Program is a confidential, voluntary, impartial and independent resource for effective and informal interpersonal conflict management. This confidential alternative dispute resolution process assists faculty, staff and students in resolving interpersonal conflicts in a timely and productive manner. It works outside of the formal Human Resources (HR) disciplinary and/or grievance procedures. The activities of the Ombuds Program are to complement and not duplicate or replace HR or Student Code of Conduct (SCC) policies and procedures.


The Ombuds Program at SUNY Potsdam will work to foster a healthier and inclusive climate through shared undertakings in addressing/resolving disputes and conflicts in an informal, confidential, trustworthy, and ethical manner. This process will be guided by timely intervention and preemptive measures, sensible and thoughtful resolutions, evaluation and continuous assessments as well as periodic review and improvements to campus policies and procedures.


  • To offer a safe and confidential space for employees and students to communicate interpersonal conflicts, whether observed or experienced, that can affect the wellbeing of individuals, groups, academic progress, workplace efficiency and productivity and are contrary to the SUNY Potsdam’s Mission and Pledge.
  • To assist faculty, staff and students to resolve interpersonal conflicts informally, at the lowest and least invasive level, as an alternative to filing a formal complaint. The Ombuds Program Team will work with HR, as needed, to ensure the issues can be addressed informally.
  • To resolve issues including personality conflicts, long-standing disagreements, unprofessional conflict in a controlled, structured and mediated setting.