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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

MSCHE Accreditation Processes

SUNY Potsdam is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)*.  Materials from our most recent accreditation processes are below.

*Middle States Commission on Higher Education
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Spring 2022

We are in the last semester of our 3-year re-accreditation process. Our final Self-study Report (PDF) and all supporting evidence has been submitted to Middle States. (Please note that this document is available in Sharepoint to those with a Campus Computer Account [CCA].)

The Middle States evaluation team visited campus virtually from April 3-6, and they submitted their report (PDF) (available in Sharepoint to those with a Campus Computer Account [CCA]) to Middle States for their evaluation. The Middle States Commission meets in late June to make the final decision about our accreditation status.

Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee

Carrie Bates, Academic Assessment
Heather Beauchamp, Psychology
Holly Chambers, Libraries
Julie Dold (co-chair), Residence Life
Terry Francis, Admissions
Carol Franck, Libraries
Chad Graham, Elementary Education
Tanya Hewitt, Public Health & Human Performance
Ada Law, Provost's Office
Sherry Paradis, Advancement
Sean Partridge, Student Success Center
Gordon Plague (co-chair), Biology
Tammy Snell, CSTEP

Self-study Working Groups

Strategic Enrollment Management Working Group
Laura Carbone, Kelly Crosbie, Terry Francis (co-chair), Chad Graham (co-chair), Karen Miller & Heather teRiele (former co-chair)

Creativity Working Group
Heather Beauchamp (co-chair), Tony Betrus, Erin Brooks, Raseem Crawford (student), Alexandra Jacobs Wilke, Brandi Kelley, Katie Logan, Cara Navaretta (student) & Sherry Paradis (co-chair)

Inclusive Excellence Working Group
Linnette Bracero-Torres, Kelly Deshaies, Haven Gotham (student), Roberta Greene, Clifton Harcum, Matt LaVine, Michael Popovic, Tammy Snell (co-chair), Jared White (student) & Lonel Woods (former co-chair)

Strategic Decision-Making Working Group
Walter Conley, Carol Franck, Tanya Hewitt (co-chair), Sarah Lister, Sean Partridge (co-chair), Melissa Proulx, Jessica Rogers, Beth Todd, Michael Vitalino & Marta Whalen

Middle States Standard 7 Working Group
Peter Brouwer, Julie Dold (co-chair), Jeffrey Francom, Tim Morse, Gordon Plague (co-chair), Jenica Rogers & Jan Trybula

Why is accreditation important?

“An accredited institution of higher education has an appropriate mission (I), lives it with integrity (II), delivers an effective student learning experience (III), supports the overall student experience both inside and outside the classroom (IV), assesses its own educational effectiveness (V), uses planning and resources to ensure institutional improvement (VI), and is characterized by effective governance, leadership, and administration (VII).”

(Note: each of the Roman numerals above refer to the MSCHE Standards for Accreditation.)