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Qualtrics Survey Software

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a cloud-based service that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to create web surveys and analyze collected data. 

SUNY Potsdam has a Qualtrics license allowing faculty and staff to directly use Qualtrics for university-related business. It is an annual subscription coordinated by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Qualtrics Guidelines

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides the following guidelines when sending surveys. If you do not follow these guidelines, your access to Qualtrics may be revoked.

  1. Contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness before sending a survey to Potsdam students, faculty, or staff. This office maintains a list of surveys that are being distributed to coordinate sending times and help prevent your audience from being overwhelmed.  You will also need to complete a Survey Approval Form for any survey that involves students, faculty, or staff. More information on SUNY Potsdam's Survey Policies and Procedures can be found here.
  2. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness also provides consultation regarding survey design and can give advice to help maximize response rates.
  3. Qualtrics may not be used to collect any type of secure or regulated data, such as SSNs, credit card numbers or any other data element that is categorized as Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  4. Using Qualtrics for personal, commercial or other non-academic endeavors is not allowed.
  5. Use of Qualtrics is bound by Qualtrics' Acceptable Use Statement and all SUNY Potsdam Information Technology Policies.

Who can use it?

Faculty and Staff are eligible to have a Qualtrics account.  Faculty and Staff may request their account by submitting this online form

Students are also eligible for accounts but will need a faculty member or sponsor to submit a request for student account form.  Student accounts will initially be limited in functionality to survey creation and other basic functions, however faculty sponsors will have the ability to provide more advanced access via the Qualtrics Collaborate feature.

Does your project require IRB approval?

Federal, state and university regulations require Institutional Review Board (IRB) review prior to conducting research involving human subjects. These regulations pertain to any research conducted by anyone affiliated with this university regardless of where the activity occurs. Please visit the IRB website for more information relating to IRB approval.

Is training available for Qualtrics?

Qualtrics main support page provides many online resources in a variety of formats to assist you.  From the top of the page, click one of the sections (e.g., Basic Building, Advanced Building, Distributing), or click the A-Z link for a list of all training topics available.  

In addition to the main support page On-Demand Webinars and Live Interactive Online Training Sessions are available to all users.