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Revised Campus Purchasing Procedures

The President's Council has approved the following procedural changes for making purchases with State funds, effective immediately:

PCard Purchases: For those cardholders whose limits were set at $0 - they have been reset with transaction limits of $500 and monthly limits of $3,000. It is no longer necessary to submit a requisition to the Purchasing Office in advance of using your PCard within these parameters.

If these limits are not suitable (too high or too low) for the "everyday needs" of your department, the PCard holder's supervisor should email their requested adjustment to Susie Cobb at

For instances where your planned purchase will exceed your card's transaction limit, please prepare a purchase requisition for submission to the Purchasing Office, to include your supervisor's signature of approval*. The Purchasing Office will then determine if a PO will be created, or if the cardholder's transaction limit will be temporarily increased for the order in question.

Purchase Reqs, Purchase Orders: Paper purchase requisitions must always include at least two different signatures, those of the requisitioner as well as the account owner's/supervisor*.

*President's Council members are no longer required to approve purchases, unless they choose to do so, or if they are the supervisor to the individual making the procurement.

New Procedure for Ordering Toner

Please utilize the purchase requisition form - complete all appropriate fields**, and forward to Susie Cobb via email or campus mail.

**Completed reqs must include the toner cartridge's manufacturer's item number, as well as the make/model # of the printer.

The Purchasing Office will place the order for all cartridges - do not use your PCards. These orders will be placed via the Purchasing Office's PCard. At the time of the order being placed, a special "holding account" will be charged with the expenditure. The expenditure will then be reassigned to the correct account (per the purchaser's requisition) each month at the time PCards are certified.

Following this procedure will make your monthly PCard limit go further, and it will also benefit the campus by helping us achieve our MWBE purchasing goals.

Travel Procedures

There are no changes to travel procedures (including approvals) to present at this time.