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PCard Purchase Reminders


  • If you are charged sales tax and have contacted the vendor for a credit, please put a note on the invoice that you have already contacted the vendor for a credit so we know that and we don’t email you about it.
  • Certify in the 7-day period to avoid your card being shut off until you do certify and the paperwork is sent to us.
  • If you know you can’t certify in the requested time period, please send us an email.
  • If in doubt about a purchase, please call our office before you make the purchase to avoid having to have the charge reimbursed with non-state funds.
  • If your purchase may look questionable to us (i.e. balloons for table display, food for a student program) send us a flyer and a brief statement indicating what it is for. We have to be able to justify the purchase if it is audited by OSC.
  • Toner is no longer allowed to be purchased on your pcard.All toner will be ordered by the Purchasing & Payables Office via the new purchase requisition form.
  • Shop for best pricing on all purchases. S&B is the SUNY wide contracted vendor for office supplies. If you find it cheaper at another reliable vendor, you may use however S&B should be your first place you look. It helps the college meet their MWBE requirements.
  • Never accept and terms and conditions online by clicking on the box to accept them for software or other purchases. Contact our office for further instruction.
  • All services should be purchased on a purchase requisition rather than the pcard.
  • Print your statement from the Citibank site and send with your backup along with the signed Procurement Log by yourself and your supervisor.
  • Sign into Citibank every couple of weeks to ensure your card has not been compromised and you don’t have fraudulent charges on it. If you do call Citibank (800-248-4553) ASAP and also let our office know.
  • Keep your card in a safe place when not in use.