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Fine Arts

Where to see & make art:

  • Gibson Gallery - view the website to see past, current and future shows.
  • Studios
    SUNY Potsdam has the following spaces, technology and resources:
    • 2 Printmaking Studios (Intaglio & Lithography)
    • Full Photography Studio (complete darkroom w/18 enlargers)
    • 2 Digital Print labs (w/ high end archival printers)
    • Large ceramics Studio (w/ 3 gas kilns and 10 electric kilns, 18 potters' wheels)
    • Sculpture Studio (w/ complete foundry bronze casting studio, metal shop, multi-technique welders, wood shop, brand new kiln)
    • Painting Studios (fully equipped w/ taberals and easels)
    • 2 Digital labs used for graphic design, web design, animation, flash production, digital photography & video
    • All software used is up-to date (Adobe programs, Final Cut pro)

Academic Opportunities

  • The Art Department offers the following degree programs:
    - B.A. Art History
    - B.A. Art Education
    - B.A. Studio Art
    - B.F.A. Fine Arts
    - Art History Minor
    - Art Studio Minor

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