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David S. Kistler

Associate Professor

In a nutshell I teach only the easy courses in the Business Administration Department: Accounting (several different types); Fraud Examination; Taxation (usually only Individual); Legal Environment (an overview); Employment Law; and Corporate/Organizational Law. I am both a CPA and attorney. My practice was in the Commonwealth of Virginia where I engaged in several different aspects of accounting and the law. The latter included contract law, domestic relations, criminal law, and real estate.

BS, Bloomsburg University
MBA, Temple University
Ph.D., NorthCentral University; JD University of Richmond

Publications: 1) Off-Duty Consensual Sexual Relationships: An Area of Employer Intrusion and a State of New York Court Confusion 2) An Unsettled Question: The Emergence of Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title Vii 3) Independent Contractor V. Employee: The Never Ending Battle 4) The Land Rental Dispute: Tax Evasion or IRS Abuse?