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Phase I

  • April 2016: Provost Bergeron appoints/charges General Education Task Force (GETF)
  • May 2016: initial meeting of GETF
  • June-December 2016: GETF defines problems/challenges with current program, reviews current literature of best practices in liberal education, reviews several existing GenEd programs in public and private liberal arts colleges, develops Aspirational Goals of SUNY Potsdam General Education, conducts a RFP for College Core proposals; forms GenEd Steering Committee (SC)
  • January – March 2017: SC meets weekly to delve deeper into literature, reviews College Core proposals, creates a broad outline of a College Core (aka The Potsdam Pathways 1.0),
  • March-April 2017: GETF members solicit unit input on The Potsdam Pathways, SC holds several open meetings and Survey Monkey survey to gather faculty input on The Potsdam Pathways
  • SC revises PP 1.0 based on input to create The Potsdam Pathways 2.0
  • May 11, 2017: Faculty Senate votes to endorse The Potsdam Pathways and SC to continue developing the proposal

Phase II

  • June 2017: SC members attend AACU Summer Institute
  • September 2017: Working groups (drawn from GETF and broadly representative of academic departments) formed for each of the proposed The Potsdam Pathways designators
  • September 2017: WAYS 101 Wicked Problems seminar pilot faculty recruited from GETF members, SC members, and other widely respected teachers across the three schools
  • September – November 2017: Working groups and WAYS 101 pilot faculty craft designator descriptors, criteria, student learning outcomes
  • January – February 2018: Faculty comment period on descriptors, criteria, student learning outcomes; SC members adjust The Potsdam Pathways as appropriate
  • February – March 2018: Survey Monkey survey to gather faculty input on components (except for WAYS 102 and Connecting Clearly)
  • March 2018: working groups reconvened to consider survey results and adjust descriptors, criteria, student learning outcomes; convene new working group for WAYS 102; gather departmental input on Connecting Clearly and Connecting Theory to Practice; SC meetings with stakeholders
  • April 2018: post Survey Monkey results on GenEd restructuring website, with working group responses and suggested changes to descriptors, criteria, student learning outcomes; distribute Survey Monkey survey to gather input on the descriptors, criteria, student learning outcomes developed by WAYS 102 working group; send out request for proposals for faculty to develop/pilot WAYS 103 in Spring 2019; SC meetings with stakeholders
  • May – August 2018: revisit Phase I proposal for feasibility, considering results of Phase II; revise as appropriate; conduct preliminary Phase III implementation research and planning (course approval & assessment process, GenEd administrative structure, staffing); SC meetings with stakeholders
  • September 2018: The Potsdam Pathways (including preliminary implementation) brought to Faculty Senate for endorsement to move forward to Phase III

Phase III

  • September - October 2018: develop full Implementation Plan:
    • Solicit impact data from departments and units across campus
    • Propose faculty workshops and development support resources
    • Estimate course and staffing requirements
    • Develop transition plan
    • Design The Potsdam Pathways management/organizational structure
    • Confirm feasibility of The Potsdam Pathways program outline and designator descriptors, criteria, SLOs
  • October 2018: revisit Phases I and II for feasibility, considering issues uncovered in the development of the Implementation Plan; revise as appropriate
  • Late October 2018: present Implementation Plan to Faculty Senate for review and seek Final Program Approval by Faculty Senate

Phase IV

  • Late Fall 2018 – Spring 2019
    • Faculty workshops & professional development
    • Constitute GenEd organizational structure
    • Develop and approve courses

Fall 2020: The Potsdam Pathways begins for entering freshman class