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Committee Membership

To ensure transparency and appropriate representation reflective of the campus’ commitment to shared governance, the committee shall include but not be limited to representatives across the campus’ constituencies including administration, academic and student affairs, facilities, and the Faculty Senate. In the event that a member cannot attend a meeting, that member may elect to send a representative from the unit/department.

The composition of the membership will include the following:

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Business Affairs
  • Executive Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Enrollment Management
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean of Education and Professional Studies
  • Dean of the Crane School of Music
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Planning
  • Registrar
  • Assistant Facilities Program Manager
  • Assistant Director for Facilities Planning
  • Executive Assistant to the President
  • Faculty Senate, Elected Representative


The chair of the Space Priority and Allocation Committee is appointed by the president and serves for a period of one calendar year. The chair can serve multiple terms, as appointed by the president.

Space Principles

Responsibility: The Space Priority and Allocation Committee makes the decisions concerning the space allocation of all College space.

Transparency: Activities of the Space Priority and Allocation Committee will be transparent. Meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and the status of all requests will be available for review on the Committee’s website.