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Restart Plan: Get the details.

Student Guide

Together, we can ensure that the Fall 2020 semester is safe and successful. Here are the important steps that students must complete as part of SUNY Potsdam’s Restart Plan.

Understand the expectations. All returning students will be expected to comply with our SUNY Potsdam BEAR (Be Ethical And Responsible) COVID-19 Pledge. We have strong expectations in order to keep our campus and community safe. If you are concerned about your ability to comply with any of these, you are welcomed and encouraged to complete your studies virtually. 


Pledge Highlights:

  • Complete a 7-day quarantine period at home before coming to campus. If you are unable to do this, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to Potsdam. 

  • Be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to campus. This will be required of both on-campus residential students and off-campus students living locally.

  • Wear a face covering at all times in public spaces, unless you are alone or in your personal residence hall room.

  • Stay in your own space. People who you do not live with should never enter your room or apartment: not to hang out, not to study, not to party. 

  • Complete daily screenings for COVID-19 symptoms and seek medical attention if you have any. 

  • Remain in the North Country region until you return home for Thanksgiving break. 

  • If you are sick or come in contact with someone who has COVID-19, complete a quarantine/isolation period for 10 to 14 days. 

Decide if you will study virtually, or if you will return to/study in Potsdam. This is your personal decision, depending on your own circumstances. You might find our frequently asked questions about Fall 2020 academics page helpful as you think about this. We need to know if you will be fully virtual, living on campus or living off campus in the community.

Complete your safety plan survey. If you haven’t already, fill out this important safety plan survey as soon as possible to let us know about your decision (Original deadline: August 1). This is an important survey help you plan for the semester, and to provide us information to prepare either for your return or to have you study virtually.


Make sure to let us know your intentions.  

  • If you are deciding not to return to campus and will study virtually this semester, complete the COVID-19 housing exemption form and email it to 

  • If you are a non-residential student living in the community and have no plans to return to campus either for classes or to utilize our facilities, please notify the College: 

Planning on returning? Here’s what you need to do. 

  1.  Complete your safety plan survey to let us know as soon as possible (Originally due by August 1).

  1. Choose an appointment time to come to campus to receive your COVID-19 test. We will offer appointment-based drive-through testing for all returning students, living both on and off campus (unless you notify us you intend to study virtually). Residential students will move in immediately after receiving their tests. The appointments will be between August 24 and 30.

  1. Make sure Student Health Services has your health insurance information on file. Just go to BearPAWS, then open the “New Student Services” link. Click on “Student Health Services Portal,” then select the “Insurance” tab. Add all new information there. If don’t have health insurance and need assistance, resources are available here.

  1. Self-quarantine for 7 days prior to your arrival on campus. We will send reminders and instructions. To help you with this process, you will be asked to track your quarantine and your health beginning at this time by filling out the Symptoms Tracker in BearPAWS every day. Should you fail to self-quarantine, you will be required to complete a 14-day quarantine, during which time you will not be able to leave your room for any reason.

  1. Move in to your residence hall or return to your off-campus living space. We will have special move-in protocols to encourage social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene.

  1. Complete a quarantine on campus or in your apartment until your COVID-19 test results come back. This will take approximately 4 days. We will remind you of the rules for quarantining on campus again when you arrive.

  1.  Continue to complete the Symptoms Tracker every day. If you have any symptoms, you should seek medical attention and quarantine yourself immediately.

  1. BEAR = Be ethical and responsible. Follow the SUNY Potsdam BEAR (Be Ethical And Responsible) COVID-19 Pledge to protect everyone’s health.