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About Potsdam

Potsdam, N.Y., our little college town, isn’t the most central location. But here in the shadows of the Adirondack mountains, you’ll find there’s lots to explore.

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A Location that inspires.

Secluded among the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, you’ll find a college that gives new meaning to the phrase “off the beaten path.”

Thanks in part to our out-of-the-way location, SUNY Potsdam has evolved over its 200-plus year history into something you might not expect.

Here, you’ll find a surprisingly sophisticated, richly eclectic and creative college experience rooted in intellectual freedom and personal development.

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“To me, SUNY Potsdam is more than a university, or even a community —it’s a family. I had many deep friendships among my peers, but I also had as many with professors and staff.”

Vita Ayala ’10 award-winning comic book author

SUNY Potsdam was founded in 1816, making us one of America’s first 50 colleges, and the oldest in the SUNY system.

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