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Student/Faculty Research

Independent Research Opportunities

All faculty participate in innovative research projects which has led to over 150 publications and seven patents. The Department of Chemistry encourages students to pursue research projects for one or more semesters under the supervision of a faculty member. These projects may involve work during the academic year and/or summer in one or more of the following areas of chemistry:

  • organic/inorganic synthesis
  • natural products
  • analytical chemistry / environmental remediation
  • electrochemistry / solar cells / fuel cells
  • nanotechnology / molecular engineering
  • nanostructural materials / conductive polymers
  • metal-ion protein / protein-protein interactions
  • biosensors
  • medicinal chemistry
  • role of iron in health & disease
  • organometallic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • forensic trace analysis
  • green chemistry

Many students who participate in a research project present the results of their work at local, regional and national research symposia.

For more information, please contact Maria Hepel, Chair of Chemistry Department at or phone (315) 267-2264, or talk to your Professor.