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Biology Seminar Series

Spring 2018

All seminar meetings will be in Stowell 211 from Noon to 1 p.m.

  • 2/7/18
    Alex French, Sustainability Coordinator, Clarkson
    Topic:  Local conservation as a strategy to offset carbon emissions: a case study in the North Country
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 2/14/18
    Diana White, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Department, Clarkson
    Topic:  How mathematics can be used to solve biological problems: modeling the control of invasive watermilfoil
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  • 2/28/18
    Ali Boolani, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Clarkson
    Topic: Impact of cognitive fatigue and mood on human movement
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  • 3/14/18
    Jennifer Ryan, NYDEC
    Topic:  Preserving the Native Freshwater Mussel Population on the Grasse River
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  • 3/21/18
    Alicia Lamb, NYDEC
    Topic: From Potsdam to Madagascar: researching lemurs in hopes of preserving the world’s most endangered group of mammals
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  • 3/28/18
    Dr. Stacy McNaulty, Associate Director, Adirondack Ecological Center
    Topic: Science, Discovery, and Observation at SUNY ESF’s Adirondack Ecological Center
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  • 4/11/18
    Dan Kelting, PhD, Department of Forestry, Paul Smiths College
    Topic: Salinization of Adirondack waters by road salt
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  • 5/9/18
    Biology Symposium
    Topics: 10 minute student presentations on independent research projects through Guided Research

Fall 2017

All seminar meetings will be in Stowell 211 from Noon to 1 p.m.

  • 9/18/17
    Stephen Ritz, National Health, Wellness and Learning Center at CS 55
    Topic: The Power of a Plant: Connecting SUNY Potsdam to the Green Bronx Machine!
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 9/20/17
    Dr. Jon Rosales, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies, St. Lawrence University
    Topic: “Indigenous Villages in Alaska on the Frontlines of Climate Change”
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 9/27/17
    Donna Vavonese, SUNY Upstate Medical University
    Topic: “How to best prepare for a Career in Health Care”
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 10/4/17
    Camille Holmes, SUNY Potsdam student
    Topic: “Microsatellite Phasing in the MHC Region of Icelandic Horses”
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 10/18/17
    Susan Baily, Clarkson University
    Topic: “What drives parallel evolution? Insights from microbial experiments and mathematical models”
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  • 10/25/17
    Dr. Nosferatu, New York Dental College
    Topic: “Bloodsucking vampires”
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  • 11/1/17
    Chris Smart, Cornell University
    Topic: “Genomic approaches to understand and manage plant disease epidemics”

Spring 2017

  • 3/8/17
    Glenn Johnson & William Romey, Biology, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: Galapagos Travel Log
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 3/22/17
    Sarah Sirsat, Biology, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: “Omelets or Wings? Exploring cardiovascular and cellular developmental parameters in two divergent breeds of domestic chicken, the Cornish X Rock Broiler and the commercial White Leghorn Layer.”
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  • 4/5/17
    Melissa Fierke, Environmental Science and Forestry School
    Topic: Forest invaders, emerging disease, and pollinator conservation: branching out - making a difference
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 4/12/17
    James Fryer, Psychology, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: The sustainable person:  Psychological foundations of environmental attitudes and behaviors
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  • 4/19/17 - Cancelled
    Raymond Bowdish, Biology, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: Agroecology of Cuba: Biodiversity and Food Security
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 4/26/17
    Alberto Correa, student, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: Bacterial Organelles: A New View on Prokaryotic Biology
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  • 5/3/17 Marius Mihasan, PhD, Faculty of Biology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi Romania
    Topic: Arthrobacter nicotinovorans pAO1, Why do we need it’s proteome?
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  • 5/10/17
    Robert Snyder, Biology, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: The Voyage of S/V Ocean Blue: What’s the future of Natural History in modern science
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Fall 2016

  • 9/21/16
    Raymond Bowdish, Coordinator of the WISER Center, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: The Agroecology of Cuba. The future of food security?
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 9/28/16
    Paul Hetzler, Cornell Cooperative Extension
    Topic: Invasive Plant Species New York
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 10/6/16
    Dr. Jo Goy, Harding University
    Topic: “Aging is Not for the Weak”
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 10/12/16
    Shannon Westlake, Green Mountain College
    Topic: Pollinator gardens etc.
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 10/19/16
    Kate Cleary, Clarkson University
    Topic: “Applications of genetics to wildlife conservation”
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  • 11/2/16
    Rachel Faye, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: “Acyrthosiphon pisum feeding decisions and the role of Pseudomonas syringae”
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  • 11/9/16
    Donna Vavonese, Director of Admissions, SUNY Upstate Medical University
    Topic: “Graduate Programs at SUNY Upstate”
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 11/16/16
    Kitty Oniel, Cornell Cooperative Extension
    Topic: Agricultural Land Use and Impact on the Environment in NNY
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 11/30/16
    Amy Ivy, Cornell Cooperative Extension
    Topic: Solutions for Cold Climate Farming
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 12/7/16
    Todd Lighthouse, Lighthouse Gardens, Honeoye Falls, NY
    Topic: Building a Sustainable Business: “Creating a system of Adaptive Resiliency”
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Spring 2016

  • 3/30/16
    Babasola Fateye, PhD. St. Lawrence University
    Topic: Histological and functional effects of exposure of atrazine, estradiol and dexamethasone in African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis): environmental implications in the North Country?
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  • 4/20/16
    Emily Humphrey Dixon, St. Lawrence University
    Topic: Coping with stress: How yeast use their DNA to adapt.
  • 4/27/16
    Nasser Malit PhD., SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: Human Evolution
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  • 5/4/16
    Tom Langen, Chair, Dept. of Biology, Professor, Depts. of Biology, Psychology, Clarkson University, Editorial Board, Environmental Management
    Topic: Evaluating Wetland Ecosystem Services in the St. Lawrence Valley Using Indicators
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  • 5/11/16
    Dr. Robert Ewy (Biology), Anthony Mineo, Sarahfina Wipf, Rachel Fay, and Brian Mullin (Biology students)
    Topic: Tropical Ecology & Conservation In Belize Then And Now
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Fall 2015

  • 09/30/2015
    Bill Romey (Biology)
    Topic: Swarms, School and Mobs ~ Romey?s Australia Sabbatical
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 10/30/15
    Dr. Nosferatu (Transylvania College)
    Topic: "Vampires, A History?
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  • 11/11/15
    Michelle Brown, Conservation Scientist, The Nature Conservancy, Adirondack Chapter
    Topic: Building Climate Resilience in the Lake Champlain Basin
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 12/2/15
    Alberto Correa, Biology Major, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic: Searching for the Presence of Novel Resistance Genes: My Summer at Cornell
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  • 12/9/15
    Andrew David, Assistant Professor, Director of Freshman Biology, Clarkson University
    Topic: "Life history strategies of pestiferous polychaete and their implications for dispersal patterns in the marine realm: insights from the South African aquaculture industry"
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