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B.A. in Graphic Design & New Media

Contact Person:
Caroline Downing, Chair
219 Brainerd, (315) 267-2251/2252,

52-55 credit hours required.

The Graphic Design and Media Arts B.A. degree offers students a concentrated experience in graphic and media arts, including experience in typography, time-based design, digital illustration, video, and sound and motion graphics. Grounded in SUNY Potsdam’s liberal arts and sciences core, the major also incorporates art foundations, art history, and studio electives.

All courses are 4 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows.

Fine Arts Core (Credits 25)
ARTH 101 Survey of Art: Ancient to Renaissance (3 credits)
ARTH 102 Survey of Art: Renaissance to Modern (3 credits)
ARTH 300 or 400 level Art History Elective (3 credits)
ARTS 110 Foundations of Drawing I
ARTS 120 Color and Design
ARTS 130 Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 211 Foundations of Drawing II

Graphic Design and Media Arts Required Foundation (Credits 8)
ARTS 319 Graphic Design and Media Arts I
ARTS 321 Graphic Design and Media Arts II

Graphic Design and Media Arts Electives (Credits 8)
Two of the following:
ARTS 320 Typography
ARTS 369 Time-Based Media
ARTS 419 Interactive Media Design
ARTS 469 Digital Illustration and Imaging

Graphic Design and Media Arts Capstone (Credits 4)
One on the following:
ARTS 420 Graphic Design Practices and Portfolio
ARTS 470 Media Arts Practices and Portfolio

Art Studio Elective (Credits 4)
One studio elective

Senior Experience (Credits 3-6)
INTD 491 Design/Media Internship