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Spring 2020

All seminar meetings will be in Stowell 211 from Noon to 1 p.m.

  • 2/12/20
    Dr. David Pruyne, Associate Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology, SUNY Upstate
    Topic:  "Building the cell's internal skeleton-How does it happen, and why do we care?"
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • 2/26/20
    Dr. Jorie Favreau, Professor of Wildlife Biology, Natural Science, Paul Smith’s College
    Topic:  Surviving the Adirondacks:  Showshoe hares, Songbirds, and (flying) Squirrels
    View Flyer (PDF)
  • All seminars listed below are cancelled for the Spring 2020 semester for the safety of students, faculty and friends:
  • 3/25/20
    Cancelled-Dr. Sarah Sirsat, Assistant Professor of Physiology, Biology, SUNY Potsdam
    Topic:  "Omelets or Wing?  Selective Breeding and the Physiology of the Domestic Chicken"
  • 4/8/20
    Cancelled-Dr. Michelle Yoo, Assistant Professor of Genetic & Molecular Biology, Biology Department, Clarkson University
    Topic:  TBA
  • 4/29/20
    Cancelled-Dr. Ed Dzialowski, Professor, Developmental Integrative Biology Cluster Coordinator, Div of Physiology & Neurobiology Director, University of North Texas
    Topic:  TBA
  • 5/6/20
    Cancelled-SUNY Potsdam Belize Student Presentations
    Topic:  "Better Belize It"
  • 5/13/20
    Cancelled-Dr. Alan Christian, Professor of Ecology, Biology Department, Clarkson University
    Topic:  "From Molecules to Ecosystems to Stream Restoration and Urban Ecology"