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Applications are encouraged as soon as possible in a student’s academic career. Incoming undergraduates are accepted as Creative Writing BA students and are automatically invited to apply to the Creative Writing BFA program.  If after faculty review a student’s application is deemed to require additional study and practice, they will be counseled to reapply after taking and performing well in Introduction to Creative Writing, COMP 202.

  • Success in courses: We will review your transcript and lean towards students who have earned strong grades in their English courses. 
  • Admissions Portfolio: Submit 10 pages of edited, polished writing that represent some of your best efforts.
    • Include at least two pieces (or parts of pieces) from two genres. Feel free to ask any of your Creative Writing professors to help you choose your best work. 
    • Clearly present the title for each piece. If you choose to give us part of a longer work, indicate where you have removed material.   
    • Merge your pieces into one document and insert page numbers. Use Times New Roman 12-point font, and double space your text.   
  • Cover letter/Statement of Intent: Include a cover letter/statement of intent introducing yourself and your portfolio pieces.   
    • Talk about your writer’s background as well as your goals and aspirations. Do you have a favored genre? Why did you select the pieces you included, and what do you hope they reveal about you as a writer? Each cover letter will look different from any other. 
    • In discussing your pieces, mention the title of each, its genre, and when you first wrote it. 
    • Address your letter to Professor Benjamin Landry, and place it at the beginning of your portfolio document.
    • Your cover letter should be single-spaced, standard business letter format, Times New Roman 12-point font, three pages or fewer.
  • Submission: Combine your cover letter and portfolio into one document with page numbers, save it as a .pdf file, include your last name in the file name, and email it to

Major: You must be a Creative Writing BA major to apply. If you are not yet a Creative Writing major, please declare the Creative Writing BA major by emailing While you wait for that change to register, you can submit your BFA application.

Contact Professor Benjamin Landry at with questions.